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Artificial Grass in california

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The top 10 reasons people buy turf – and glad they did. 

We are a local San Diego company that has been design..(read more).

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Things you didn't know about artificial turf


Most people in the world don’t even consider installing artificial grass, but they are missing out on some of the greatest benefits. Perhaps, it would be great to know just exactly what the benefits of artificial turf is compared to real grass. There certainly are plenty of things that make fake grass much easier to deal with. If you are considering changing over to artificial grass this will give you the needed boost to do so. There are plenty of perks and more likely than not you didn’t even consider all of them. Here are the top seven reasons you should go with Artificial grass instead of real grass at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Grass

Most synthetic lawns have a minimum lifespan of over 20 years.
In order to ensure the best quality fibers and meshes we must reconcile with the fact that synthetic fibers can retain substantial amounts of heat from sunlight, especially on hot summer days. This can make it uncomfortable for children or pets to run around in. One simple solution is to conservatively sprinkle water on your lawn and it will instantly cool down.
Artificial turf does not require maintenance. For the best looking lawn however, it is recommended that you brush your lawn every so often to keep the fibers clean and straight. It is virtually maintenance-free. With the proper installation by a professional installer problems should not arise. Leaves and other natural debris (like dog deposits) can be scooped and washed off. Compared to natural grass there is zero maintenance.
Landscape costs go beyond just dollars and cents. There are never ending impacts on life style and enjoyment of life. The constant mowing, watering, fertilizing, bugs and pests, and the endless weed control issues. Our homes and yards should be the center of enjoyment. How is it for you now
Natural lawns today are anything but durable - especially in San Diego. Artificial turf eliminates the concerns for weather changes, water shortages, heavy traffic bare spots and pet issues. A fifteen to twenty-five year warranty is common for artifical turf.
We operate in a wide array of turf and landscaping projects from front lawns to putting greens, sports fields fields and even custom projects.
Unlike natural grass - there is no pudding, washed out areas or mud areas. A professional installer will design the grass and oits application to match your landscape area.
Isn’t just friendly…it’s necessary It goes beyond kids and pet friendly - it’s kids and pet “necessary”. No more muddy backyard.
Every project is unique in its own way so installation times will vary. On average most front lawns, putting greens and yards will be done within 2 days of work.
We start every project by removing the existing grass and dirt (most job) . Applying a base of … and finishing with a … Watch this video.
We encourage you to choose from our vast selection of synthetic fibers, textures and meshes to find whatever suits you best. Maybe you’d like vibrant clean strips of turf to supplement your yard or perhaps a more thick and realistic artificial front lawn. Whatever your needs are, we will have the turf for you.
All Dreamgardens customers receive a limited 3 year warranty on craftsmanship on installations and 16 years on most our our turf products.
Many different factors can weigh in on the price. Trees that need removing, extra vegetation, shrubs, rocks, etc. Since we provide all of these services, they may increase the price. As an estimate, we tend to shoot for an average of $8 per square foot.


Artificial Grass in california

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